TEAM work @ a hotel….

TEAM work @ à hôtel,
Whats is TEAM ? Together Every one Achive More
Whats thé secret of thé leading world class hôtels is team work,
It doesn’t come automatically, thé boss, manager, or thé superviseurs should know the team work if they are not trained well, just to manage people in a bad way ?? Then the out put of thé hôtel will be lower, it effects directly to guest satisfaction,
 ‎Any hôtel there is àn insident manager ? Unfortnatly who doesn’t know whats team work. Ex: ” France is one of the leading country which doesn’t know this in hospitality industry , as the management wants to break in between their workers so thé team motivation is less, each individual triés to go up,
England hospitality industry is différent,  in this thé ones who is qualifié d always goes up and TEAM work is @ highest level ‎.. 
When thé team is motivated thé out put is high, efficent…. So the managers should know this secrut insted of complaining…. 
Clients feel thé différent of thé service……So lets work together to achive more, communicate, share, trust, dont try to take thé over domination of your team…. it will destroy thé business…. ‎MANAGERS open your eyes and learn TEAM work, team members give your support and try to be with your leader….. a good hôtel workers day wish you guys make your clients satisfy 

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