It’s fun to work @ a hotel

Hôtelier ? Its fun to work @ à hôtel..
Are you good hôtelier then of course you have fun @ work, you dont go to work to break your mind… you work and at the same time with différent people you have différent expériences, you hear différent stories every day….
Imagine how about you send à client to à wrong room some time even though thé room attribution is for thé same name we find there is some one else in thé room lol……
How about when client comes back ?? To thé réception haha if you are thé front Desk agent….you will be speech less, shocked like à robot then only find few words to talk and try to settle down thé problem but if its à hard client you are dead… hé will leave à note to thé GM……. minute later téléphone rings,   thé one who was in thé room‎ calling that’s thé best part…. what do you do ?
House keeping staff some times they go to thé room to clean they find guets are on one on one haha….. No DND board……
Technicien goes to fix thé TV and when thé TV works at once à 2 lady‎ guests were watching pro – no haha, thé technicien guy get wanished from thé room…..
@ thé bar… bar is just about to close, all end of thé day reports are done and the bar counter is cleaned….. a group comes at the very last minute…. bar man has to take à taxi to go home 2 hours late but still hôtel dose not refund thé taxi…… 
Room service or restaurent guest complain that there is salmonella at his plate how to find salmonella ??? Haha 
More to share… share with us… its fun to work @ à hôtel…. ‎

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