Do you respect your co-tourism partner, your co-hotelier?

Do you respect your co-tourism partner, your co-hotelier?

World widely different jobs have their own honour and advantages. When a doctor visits a hospital he or she has their own identity around the world.
Are you in to tourism, a hotelier or a travel agent? Do you have a good reputation in the industry??  Do you take advantage of your hotel bookings??
Most people in the tourism industry book their hotel reservations through a major website (CMS) or by sending an email to the desired hotel they wish to make their bookings.
When you go to a hotel you will always be proud to say that you are a hotelier or you are in to tourism. This is normal of those who are in the industry. Also they have their own respect to one another. "In other words it’s called ‘’hoteliers own language” and you are happy to travel with your family and accompany your husband, wife and children. They will see the industry’s recognition. No one will voice it but it's a fact.
Does your co-partner treat you well?
I am used to travel and most of the time I contact the hotel directly to get good attention. In fact, to be honest the hotels never offer a good rate, and you will find the same rate online. Some of the hotels provide breakfast. However, at the time of check-in, the front office/ receptionist does not care for the customers' needs. I am sure you have had the same experience that I have faced....... But why? Where is the industrial honour??
So that's why  HOTELS CODE system exist today.
 Hotels code system is a company geared and fully versed to meet your needs and expectations of hotel accommodation be it boutique hotels, resorts, villas, luxurious hotel hideaways, free breakfast and transportation etc. We are fully committed to providing all your travel and tour needs under one roof. We have the expertise and know-how to give you the best and value for money. We are also able to provide tailor made budgeted tours. Our system will automatically keep a track that you are in to the industry or one of your family members etc. So you will, no doubt, benefit your vacation trip and "hotel reservations ". Of course, some hotels will not care so we do not recommend those hotels, but a place where you will have a good recognition & there you will have a peaceful perfect stay.......... We make memories and unforgettable dreams.

So join the club today…

One thought on “Do you respect your co-tourism partner, your co-hotelier?”

  1. I am working in a leading hôtel in France, mostly i am traveling with Luxury brands, France or in Other countries but unfortnatly industrial recognism in France is thé lowest, they dont care really that you work in a hotel or they dont understand they are hôteliers as well……. dont even try to offer you à coffee as a partner where is our hospitality ? When I was travelling in Asia when you remark as a hôtelier they really recognise you……. recognism in thé industry is very important….. we talk about market crises in Europe still we dont know to give thé recognism in thé industry it self…… its time to know sellers market and buyers market not thé big talks…….

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